Selected Theatre Works


- Winner 2018 Essential Playwriting Award, Essential Theatre, Atlanta, GA (Production Aug 2018)
- Semi-Finalist (as TAKING SO LONG), Princess Grace Award, New Dramatists, NYC, 2015

Tess quietly crusades to keep it together, working full time as a phlebotomist and caring for her ailing mother Marjorie who likes to harp on Tess’s dormant dreams of becoming a doctor. Suddenly, her sister Roz shows back up from rehab, pledging high expectations and a clean slate. When stranger William, an echo of their deceased father, arrives in town with a tempting new avenue of employment, Tess’s mental health disintegrates, thus forcing them all to wrestle with the meaning of blame, inheritance, and survival.

PHEROMONE, 6F, 3M                 
- Workshop, Ethel Woolson Lab, Working Title Playwrights, directed by Amber Bradshaw, Atlanta, May 2018

Six years into her relationship with Paulie, Olive can’t help but wonder if things are growing stale because the chemistry literally isn’t there. What matters more in a successful relationship: biology or commitment? Somewhere in a dilapidated warehouse in Atlanta, a new kind of party is just getting started. Wear a t-shirt for three days, put it in a ziploc bag, bring it to the party, fall in love. An awkward olfactory inquiry into the nature of attraction, betrayal, and the quirky characters we meet in our quest to find true love.

RAVISHING, 6F, 2M, Ensemble                           
- Workshop, directed by Pam Joyce, The Mask Theatre, Atlanta, 2017
- Workshop (Act I: RAVISHING MEDUSA), Dream Up! Festival, Theatre for the New City, NYC, 2014

A young resident of the Temple of Athena, Medusa gets caught in a conflict between gods, resulting in an unpunished crime that forever alters her fate. Then, when King Polydectes proclaims he is to wed Perseus' mother, Perseus must offer a wedding gift to the couple. Having no monetary wealth, he pledges a task of valor at the King's request. What does the King seek? The Head of the Mortal Gorgon. This play in two acts explores what it means to make a choice when it seems you have nothing left.

- Semi-Finalist, Princess Grace Award, New Dramatists, NYC, 2016

On the heels of an historic win for Senator Emerson Caldwell, campaign manager Morgan Daniels is unwittingly thrust into the spotlight in a sexting scandal and promptly fired. As Morgan is wined and dined by media mogul Bruce Kershaw and trailed by down-home gossip magazine sensationalist Rhonda Wallace, she must decide how much of the celebrity game she is willing to play to clear her name.

- Production, Oberlin College Theater and Dance Department, Oberlin, OH, 2012

On the eve of her departure for college, Faith receives an unexpected diagnosis that she buries deep within her. Haunted all the while by an ominous chorus of Greek Goddesses, Faith navigates supporting her family through the unveiling of secrets and shame until she is forced to confront her own inner truths.



INCH BY INCH, 1F, 1NB/GNC                 
- Workshop, Stripped Bare Development Series, Synchronicity Theatre, Atlanta, 2017
- Production, Dream Up! Festival, Theatre for the New City, NYC, 2015

Bridget and her partner Wyn have returned to Bridget's hometown for her mother's funeral. Bridget learns that she has inherited the house and vegetable garden and finds she must reconcile her own deep-seated fears about family and identity before the Garden will let her leave.

- Reading, Winter One-Acts, SheNYC Arts, New York, NY 2017
- Production, AppCo Showcase, Horizon Theatre Company, Atlanta, 2017

Daphne thinks she's been summoned to the Palace for a Princess eligibility contest she's unlikely to win. Eloïse, meanwhile, thinks she's meeting, greeting, and dressing her future Queen for the Royal Wedding. A sweet one-act about two young women who form an unlikely bond as they navigate the messy waters of expectation, duty, and how to love.

- Production, Fresh Fruit Festival, The Wild Project, NYC, 2013

After the most awkward of encounters with a cute guy at a coffee shop, Maggie thinks she is hopelessly doomed in the ways of romance in the big bad city. Since her normally helpful and supportive roommate Stevie has just fallen for the cutest femme named Tanya, Maggie finds advice at the hands of Stevie's delightfully meddlesome friend Frankie, who just so happens to have a tragically straight and single roommate. A queer little rom-com about the Venn diagrams of who we are lucky enough to know.   


SUIT YOURSELF                 
- Production, Courtroom Drama, GA Lawyers for the Arts @ AE, Atlanta, GA, 2018

Attorneys Murphy and Kelso, married but not to each other, were once secretly involved. Now, Murphy has decided to go and write all about it in her secret romance novel series, risking everything!

- Production, 24-Hour Play Festival, Working Title Playwrights, Atlanta, GA, 2017

The sun rises for another day in the garden with our friends Sunny, Q, Blue, and Stinking Roger. But when Karen the Gardener announces it's moving day, everyone loses their petals! Who will get to go? Who will have to stay? A petite playground fable.

PEACH COBBLER                  
- Production, Dangerous Women Showcase, The Weird Sisters, Atlanta, GA, 2017

Sisters Jo and Val have a secret and she's called Annie, their mother, who has been a corpse for the past ten years in an ice chest in the middle of their living room floor. Inspired by true given circumstances.

- Production, Atlanta One-Minute Play Festival, Actor’s Express, Atlanta, GA, 2017

The American Elementary School Playground is a vicious arena, especially to those who don't quite fit in. Inspired by a memory seared onto the heart of a Third Culture Kid. 

- Workshop, Apprentice Company Showcase, Horizon Theatre Company, Atlanta, GA, 2017

Like a gift from the heavens, Jodie's long lost college roommate Mira shows up at the Kroger one day and she's game to be a last minute replacement babysitter! As Jodie frantically prepares for a long overdue date night with hubby, all the while learning more about Mira's adventures, her faith in this miraculous plan starts to falter. Is there an expiration date on friendship? 

- Workshop, Apprentice Company Showcase, Horizon Theatre Company, Atlanta, GA, 2017

What are you willing to sacrifice for a few LOLs? Trapped at a football game, young teachers Carina and Xander are at their wits' end so when will this team lose already so they can go drink about it! Xander has a new beau, Carina is made of espresso, what could go wrong in this friendship?

MARY, MY BELOVÈD                                   
- Workshop, Let Your Women Keep Silence, Dixon Place, New York, NY, 2015

Though she weeps before you, your Love knows not who you are. With only ten minutes left on this earth, how do you tell her it is you? How do you comfort her? How do you tell her goodbye?



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